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Visitor Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa – Subclass 601

This visa is to stay in Australia for up to 3 months on each visit, within the validity of your visa. The ETA visas are usually valid for 12 months. There is no application charge for this visa. The ETA visa is not intended to allow repeated and extended stays in Australia. If you want to remain longer in Australia for tourism purposes, you can look for other visa options, which fits your needs.There is no need to visit an Australian Department Office to apply for this visa. If an ETA visa is successfully granted, you will be supplied with confirmation number for your records. If you travel with other family members to Australia, a separate ETA visa is required for each member of your family, including travellers that are under 18 years old.


The ETA is electronically linked to the passport number, so you must use the same passport to travel to Australia. If you want to stay longer in Australia, you must apply for another type of visa at least 2 weeks before your ETA visa expires. When applying for ETA visa you have to be outside Australia and to have a passport that is ETA eligible.


ETA visa conditions are:

  • You can’t work.
  • You can’t study for more than 3 months.
  • our visit must be temporary.
  • You must be in good health condition.
  • It’s recommended to have health insurance.


eVisitor Visa subclass 651

The eVisitor Visa is electronic visa that is linked to your passport and gives you authority to travel to Australia, which can be applied for online. For every family member that travels with you, a separate eVisitor visa is required. Visitor can only be granted outside of Australia, and it can’t be extended to permit a longer stay in Australia. In order to apply for an eVisitor visa, you must be holder of a passport from an eligible country. Australian citizens who have dual or multiple nationalities aren’t eligible to apply for an eVisitor visa and have to use their Australian passport to enter or leave Australia, even if they use a foreign passport overseas.


Visitor Visa (subclass 600 )

The Visitor visa (subclass 600) is for those people who want to visit Australia as tourists, for business or to visit family. It is a temporary visa.


This visa has four streams :-


1)Tourist Stream:

This visa is for those people who want to visit Australia for holidays and recreation or to visit families and friends.

2)Business Visitor Stream:

This visa for those people who want to travel to Australia on short business visits or for conferences and business meetings .

3)Sponsored Family Visa:

This visa is for those people who want to visit their family members in Australia, you must have someone to sponsor you.

4)Approved Destination Status Stream:

This visa is limited to the people from People’s Republic of China who are travelling in an organized tour. This visa allows you visit Australia, and also study up to three months.


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