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Skilled Independent Visa

Skills in Demand  

The Skilled Independent – Subclass 189Visa also known as PR (Permanent Residency of Australia) is for people whose skills are in demand to fill Australia's skills shortage. This visa would allow you to migrate to Australia with family and you will have freedom to live and work anywhere. You are required to meet the eligibility criteria for this subclass; therefore, you need to have good English language skills, work experience as well as qualifications in an occupation which is required in Australian market. Although qualifications are obviously very important, it is no longer the primary criteria for this visa subclass. Your occupation must be listed in Schedule – 1 of Skilled Occupation List for migration to Australia. You will be then assessed in Australia by the relevant authorities for your occupation i.e. your skills, experience, and importantly qualifications are assessed against the Australian standards for that specific occupation.

To be eligible to lodge a valid application for this visa, you need to submit an Expression of Interest and need to be invited for the application of this subclass. You are also required to:
• be less than 50 years of age
• nominate an occupation from the Schedule-1 of skill occupation list
• have at least competent English
• score 60 in points test table
• have the necessary health and character clearances

This visa allows you and your family members to live as permanent residents in Australia for an indefinite period. You can also travel to and enter Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted. As Permanent Residents in Australia can enjoy the following benefits and more:
• live and work in Australia
• can access certain social security benefits
• study in and Australian school, college, Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector or university
• can be eligible for Australian citizenship
• subsidised healthcare through Medicare Australia
• sponsor family members for permanent residence or temporary visits

Including Family Members
You can include the following types of family members in application for this visa:
• Spouses, defacto partners and same– sex partners.
• Dependent children.
• Other dependent family members – such as parents who live with you and are financially dependent.
• It is possible to include partners and dependent children after the application is lodged, but other dependent family members must be included on the same.

After this visa is granted, the visa holders are required to strictly abide with all visa obligatory terms and conditions, also adhering to the Australian Laws.

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