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Business / Investment in Australia:


Australia is currently experiencing strong and sustained economic growth and it invites you and your family to come share its future. Driven largely by an expanding resources sector, this is creating many exciting opportunities across the country. Strong economic conditions and growth have translated into many new business investments and business opportunities throughout Australia. These factors, together with employment growth and a low unemployment rate, have created skill shortages across many industries, generating a wide range of jobs and opportunities in demand. Added to this is an enviable lifestyle, excellent education, cultural and sporting facilities and much more.


If you have a successful background in owning or managing a business or investments, and you would like to engage in business or investment activity in Australia, you may qualify for the Business Migration Program. The majority of business people will first enter Australia on a four year Provisional Business Visa. After successfully managing a business or investment in Australia, you may be eligible to apply for a Permanent Business Visa. To help assess your eligibility for a Business Visa, please check your eligiblity criteria on this website.

The business skills visa category is part of the ‘Skill Stream‘of the migration program. The business skills visa category caters for business people who:


⇒  Provisional visas – for business people to establish a business in Australia, manage an existing business or invest in Australia. Provisional visas can later offer a pathway to permanent residence.


⇒  Permanent Residence visas – for holders of a provisional visa who have established the required level of business in Australia. A direct permanent residence visa, without the need of a provisional visa is also available for established business people.


⇒  Business visits – Business visitor visas are for business people looking to visit Australia for business purposes, such as conducting business with an Australian based organization, attending a training session or conference, conducting business negotiations or for an exploratory business visit. Acting, musical performances or commercial film making are not regarded as business activities. To travel to Australia for any business purpose for up to three months at a time and as many times as you required


All applicants for business skills visas, except people in Australia on provisional /temporary visas who establish a business and subclass 132 visa applicants, must first apply for a provisional business visa.


As the holder of a provisional visa and after having successfully operated a business, or maintained their investment in Australia for between two and four years, such people are eligible to apply for a permanent business skills visa. Within each category of visa, there are visas for people who apply independently and visas for people who are sponsored by Australian state or territory government regional authorities, the criteria for the sponsored business skills visas are generally easier to satisfy than the criteria for non-sponsored business skills visas are generally easier to satisfy than the criteria for non-sponsored business skills visas, high caliber business people sponsored by a state or territory government can apply for the permanent subclass 132 visa without having to first apply for a provisional visa.

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